Why We Exist

our mission

Working with wounded combat veterans, job assistance and daily needs support along with returning service dogs and working dogs who accompany veterans with special needs including PTSD.

  • Soldier On At Home Wounded Combat Veterans.
  • Soldier On at Home military service dogs.
  • Outpatient therapy.
  • Rehabilitation programs.
  • Wellness program
About Us

our history

In 2006, Thomas Cook founded the Welcome Home our Heroes organization to support wounded combat veterans in Long Island, NY.

This foundation was very successful in helping over 20 veterans in getting back on their feet and moving forward with their lives after returning from service.

In expanding upon this initiative Tom, along with a group of dedicated individuals have created a new organization, Soldier On At Home. This charity will continue to help wounded combat veterans, but be expanded to assist all veterans in finding jobs and bettering their lives upon return to normal life.

Additionally, the Soldier On At Home organization will help combat dogs in their return from service in finding necessary support and a comfortable home for them to live out the remainder of their lives.

We also will help to assist the training, placement and maintenance of working dogs to the benefit of Veteran’s in need of the canine support in their daily lives.

This organization exists thanks to volunteer work only. 100% of donated funds into this registered non-profit are utilized for the benefit of the veterans and the dogs we assist.

our founding members
Kelly Raia
Kelly Raia
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